Pool and Equipment Services

Electronic Leak Detection
Deck Repair and Paint
Filter Service
Algae Treatment and Filter Service (Green to Clean!)
One-Time Clean Up
Pool Drain and Refill (Shock, Condition, Balance and Filter Service)
Acid Wash
Sanding Plaster or Pumice
Time Clock Repair (Internal Parts or Complete)
Plumbing Repair (plus parts)
Motor and Pump Seal (1HP)
Pool Light (Bulb and Seal)
Heater Service Call (plus parts)
Check Valve (Internal Parts or Complete)
Tile Repair
De-Soot Heater
Air Relief / Pressure Gauge
Electrical Repairs (Panels and Remotes)
Copper Plumbing Repair
Jandy Rebuild
Jandy Replumb
Repair Patch
Skimmer Repatch
Glass Bead
...and MORE!

All of the repair and
remodel jobs completed
by Island Springs are
evaluated individually and
priced according to you
and your pool equipments'
specific needs.  We don't
agree with a "one size fits
all" price because we
don't believe in a one size
fits all kind of pool service!

Please call our office or
send us an e-mail to have
us come out and give you
an individualized quote